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GoNOLA’s Top 5 Restaurants for a Great Burger in New Orleans thumbnail

GoNOLA’s Top 5 Restaurants for a Great Burger in New Orleans

Food Restaurants

In a town known for Creole food, gumbo and crawfish, the burger seems to take a back burner (pun intended). But here’s a quick run down of my favorite places to snag a cheeseburger when I’m in the mood for some traditional, non-traditional to New Orleans, food.

1. Cowbell: When I opened my to-go box from Cowbell, my …

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Top 5 New Orleans Jazz Fest Essentials

Events Music

Everyone in New Orleans readies themselves for seasonal events and festivals in their own ways. We all have our personal festival prep routines and our “must-brings” to ensure that the good times roll smoothly. Celebrate however you want, but prepare with stamina in mind, especially for Jazz Fest. With 7 days of music, sun and fun, having a few key …

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Mondo: Susan Spicer’s Latest Tasty Project

Mondo: Susan Spicer’s Tasty Culinary Addition to New Orleans

Food Restaurants

Anyone who watched Treme on HBO this season knows who Chef Susan Spicer is. Anyone who lives in New Orleans or visits New Orleans should know who Susan Spicer is. Susan Spicer is an amazing chef who has made a significant mark on New Orleans. Bayona is a hot spot downtown, and Mondo is a hot spot in Lakeside. Between …

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Elizabeth’s Coffee New Orleans Food

Top 5 Breakfast Spots in New Orleans for Festival Goers


If you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then you are right. And isn’t it nice to be right? When you’re waking up in the morning, mid-morning, or afternoon after spending all day at one of the many festivals in New Orleans this festival season, these are the places that will make you know just …

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Mikimoto Delivery Sushi New Orleans Food

New Orleans Delivery Food That Delivers


It’s Friday evening. Or it’s Saturday around lunch time. Or Sunday afternoon. You. Are. Hungry. You are also in your pajamas, whatever form that might take. This is a judgment free zone. I don’t care what you sleep in or how you’re dressed when you have no plans of leaving your house. Maybe it’s raining, or it’s 90 degrees and …

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Fritzel’s European Jazz Club on Bourbon Street

Music Nightlife

When I announced to my small circle of friends that I was planning to move to New Orleans, I got a very mixed review. Most of them had limited experience with the city. They flew in on a Friday, spent two nights on Bourbon Street drinking hand grenades and hurricanes, and spent the next week recovering from the over-sugared, …

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Brigtsen’s Restaurant: A Bright Spot Near the River

Food Music Nightlife

While you can’t miss major landmarks such as The Saint Louis Cathedral, being relatively new to the city, it’s easy to drive right past some of the brightest shining stars in the city that are neatly tucked away on side streets or in residential neighborhoods.

Tuesday night, I was fortunate enough to join a friend of mine who …

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New Orleans: My City Is Better Than Yours

About Arts & Culture Food Music Nightlife

I’ve been in New Orleans for long enough to know this place is cooler than any other city in the United States. How do I know? New Orleans oozes culture. Our food, our music, our people and celebrations are colorful, bright, brilliant, and savory. Per pound, this city throws its weight around.

Here are a few of the reasons I …

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My Mardi Gras Traditions

About Nightlife Things To Do

What a great season to be in New Orleans. If you have never lived here for the weeks prior to Mardi Gras, you have no idea what I mean. Mardi Gras is not a day, Carnival is a season.

When the rest of the country is having overcast, post-winter holiday blues, we are replenishing our costume closets for some …

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Stein’s Market and Deli: A Taste of New York in New Orleans

Food Restaurants

When I first moved to New Orleans, all of my kitchen stuff spent a couple weeks packed snugly in boxes. I had driven to New Orleans in a moving van and knew the first stop on my moving tour would be a temporary one.

That means I lived for a couple weeks without kitchen supplies, plates, silverware, or my …

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Redbeans Parade: Bean There or Bean Square

Arts & Culture Things To Do

Red beans and rice is a staple in New Orleans. Most local restaurants that have daily specials will serve red beans and rice on Mondays. Some bars even serve red beans and rice during shows, like the Candlelight Lounge on Wednesdays. What better way to pay homage to New Orleans’ favorite meal than by creating a parade in its …

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Monday Night Super Jam at Maison


Manic Monday ” gets a bad rap. We all agree with The Bangles. We wish it was Sunday. Monday is officially the start of a dreaded 5-day work week. Poor Peter Gibbons suffered his co-worker’s comment, “Somebody has a case of the Mondays” on “Office Space,” the cult movie that way too closely resembles cubicle life.

But …

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Hove Parfumeur: The Sweet Smell of New Orleans


Of the 5 senses, most would agree that smell is the most powerful with respect to evoking emotion within memory. Why is smell the strongest sense tied to memory? Scholars have studied and theorized for years. Some say it’s the oldest sense, or that it’s location in the brain makes has weight. Some say it’s tied to human’s need to …

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Celebrity Crushworthy: Alex McMurray

Music Nightlife

I have a new celebrity crush. I just added Alex McMurray to the top of my list, nudging out John Cusack from his top spot.

Saddling up to an empty bar at 9:30 p.m. on a Thursday, I wasn’t expecting much. The bar was empty, the singer was the only other patron for a little bit. I had never seen …

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New Orleans Survival Kit

Arts & Culture Cocktail Culture Music Things To Do

Always wanted one of those “I Survived My Family Reunion” matching t-shirts? Follow these little tips, and you could get a complementary “I Survived New Orleans” gold coin. (Not really). You’re welcome.

Walk the French Quarter

Flat Shoes – You don’t have to rent a car when you visit New Orleans. In fact, if you’re coming downtown to …

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Hurray for the Riff Raff (and Zombies)

Music Nightlife

Right before I left work, this statement came out of my mouth: “Sorry, I can’t talk. I have to go home, dress up like a zombie and go country dancing.”

Anywhere else in this world or the netherworld, this would be an odd statement. In fact, reflecting on this statement having only lived in New Orleans for one year, …

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