GoNOLA Flickr Pick of the Week: New Orleans Street Tiles

by Amanda Raborn on September 22, 2012

in Arts & Culture, Flickr

If you’re a regular around here, the image below is quite familiar to you. Well, at least it should be given the first tiles were laid in the 1880s! Over time, our beloved blue and white street tiles have evolved to not only be an effective method of labeling streets, but also an added dimension of art and culture. Much like the water meter design, these tiles have become emblematic of the city and are dear to the people who call New Orleans home. So dear that when sidewalk repairs started in 2009, a piece of wood was put in place of the tiles to reserve a spot for new ones before concrete was poured. So next time you’re taking a stroll through a neighborhood in the city, close that map on your smart phone and see if you can navigate your way simply by using the four by six inch tiles at your feet.

Coliseum & Second

Photo by Pobrecito33

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